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Two Proven Passive Strategies To Grow Your Network Marketing Business, Using the Internet

Have you ever tried to recruit anyone into your business, using the Internet? 

Well, if you have, I’m pretty sure you’ve used the most common - and ineffective - way to do it, that is active prospecting (I’ll be more clear on that in a second). 

If you haven’t, then keep reading because I’m gonna share with you two passive - and very effective - ways to grow your network marketing business, using the Internet.  

By the way, these are the strategies used by the TOP 6 & 7-figure earners in this profession (especially strategy #2, whose you can learn all the nitty-gritty details in my FREE Training Webinar: How To Recruit Without Prospecting).

But, first of all, what do I mean for active prospecting?

Simple! Prospecting as we’ve always done it, just with an online twist.

Before Social Media existed, if you wanted to recruit people into your business, you had to make a list of all your family members and friends, call them or meet up with them, and eventually invite them to look at your opportunity.

Nowadays you can just log into your multiple Social Media accounts and send messages to friends and people all over the world, with a simple click.

The Internet dramatically speeded up the prospecting process.

But there’s one BIG PROBLEM:

Active prospecting is not the most effective way to grow your business, using the Internet.

I mean, you can still do it and do it successfully, but this will require you a lot of time and it will involve countless rejections. Without considering that you might piss some of your friends off, with your opportunity pitch, and become part of the NFL club (the “No Friends Left” club).

The top earners in network marketing know this, that’s why they focus on TWO STRATEGIES that are completely PASSIVE.

Passive means that they don’t actively look for and contact people, but they make INTERESTED people contact them.

Here’s exactly how...

Strategy #1: The 'Curiosity-Provoking' Method

This strategy is pretty simple and doesn’t require any particular skill set to be applied.

It basically involves posting your results on Social Media and waiting for people to express an interest via the comments or private message.

For example, you could post pictures or announcements about the lifestyle that Network Marketing allows you to live, or the level of income you were able to reach in just a few weeks/months/years, or your last company’s all-paid trip. (Obviously, you can only do this if you’ve gotten results. There are already too many scams on the Internet, please don’t be one of them).

If you haven’t gotten measurable results yet, you can always post the ones of your upline or your upline’s uplines. And, to boost engagement, you can add a CALL TO ACTION for people to message you, if they wanna know more about it.

Alternatively, you can focus on posting about the results of the products or services your company promotes. If you’re part of a health and wellness company, you can share the pictures of a customer who lost a significant amount of weight in just a few weeks, using your company’s latest weight loss product. If you’re in the travel business, you can post pictures of your luxury vacation/trip and reveal how little you paid for that experience.

Essentially, strategy #1 allows you to have people contacting you, people already interested in what you do, without you having to harass them or beg them to look at your opportunity.

Once they express an interest, you need to eventually “close” them. You can do it by inviting them to a Skype call, or a 3-way call with your upline, or a webinar. If they live in your area, you can even meet up with them for a coffee or invite them to the next home or hotel meeting. In any case, you will have to “close” them.

If you wanna master strategy #1, check out Social Media Recruiter. A complete step-by-step blueprint ANYONE can use to recruit and explode their network marketing business with Social Media.

But if you don’t enjoy “closing” people, then you can apply...

Strategy #2: Attraction Marketing

Unlike strategy #1, where you eventually will have to talk to people and try to “close” them, Attraction Marketing allows you to find new prospects, customers and distributors on a complete auto-pilot, without you having to call or meet up with people ever again.

You basically recruit people without prospecting them (as I explain in this other blog post).

And you can also make money whether your prospects ultimately join your business or not.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it? But what exactly is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction Marketing is basically when you’re leading with VALUE.

You provide value, education, tips, and by doing this you build an audience, a following. Then, when people start knowing, liking and trusting you, anything you mention will sell.

For example, imagine you are in the health and wellness business and you wanna promote your company’s latest, greatest weight loss shake. If you wanna ATTRACT people to you, talk about general tips that would help someone lose weight, without mentioning any specific product.

Then, if people want to learn more about it, you can send them a free report in exchange for their email address. And in the following days you will send them automated emails where, at some point, you will mention your company’s product and tell them where they can order it (so that you’ll get paid if they do).

Thus, once you’ve prepared a very short report (few pages) and a sequence of emails, all the process is 100% AUTOMATED and doesn’t require you to call or meet up with anyone.

You can actually wake up each morning and discover that...

You have an inbox full of notifications letting you know that you have got new customers waiting to receive their product.

As you can imagine, this is a quick overview of how Attraction Marketing works and all the details would probably require me a much longer blog post.

If you are interested in learning more about it, you can get registered to my FREE Training Webinar: How To Recruit Without Prospecting. You will discover how to apply Attraction Marketing in your business, step-by-step.

Of course, if you don’t wish to automate your business, you can focus on strategy #1. In any case, I’m sure you will achieve massive success!

​To Your Freedom,

Vincenzo #ForeverFreeGeneration​


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