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5 Steps To Recruiting Without Prospecting

If you are one of the ‘old-school’ network marketers who still thinks that recruiting without prospecting is impossible, then just stick with me for a few minutes and I’ll reveal you the exact step-by-step online strategy used by many 6&7-figure earners in the industry to grow their organizations WITHOUT prospecting a single person. 

There are 5 simple steps that can lead you to financial and time freedom, if you just put them into practice...

Let’s start by uncovering step 2.

If you are thinking “why don’t we start with step 1?”, keep reading and the reason will be very clear.

So, step 2 of the process is...

Step 2: Capture Page

A capture page is the webpage where your online visitors arrive and submit their contact information to you (mainly their name and email address).

In exchange, you can give them access to something for FREE: a report, a video presentation, a podcast, a blog post, a mini-course or a webinar…

Let’s make a practical example: imagine you are in the health and wellness industry. Then on your capture page you might give away a short free report (5-10 pages) on “The Five Secrets To Lose Weight Quickly”, in exchange to your visitors’ contact information.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Once these visitors submit their information, they become part of your list of email subscribers and you can follow up with them via email and start building a RELATIONSHIP.

Then start marketing to these subscribers and monetize them.

And this leads to step 3...

Step 3: Email Marketing

This step is designed to provide education to your email subscribers.

In fact, it’s much better to bring people to your product or business opportunity by educating them on the benefits over time, than it is to shove a bottle of vitamins in their face and say “This is good for you, buy it!”.

As you may already know, “People do not like to be sold, but they love to buy”.

With email marketing:

  • You are building a relationship with your subscribers by providing value and education, which eventually grow to trust, respect and expert status.
  • You are leading your subscribers towards the solution you offer, without being pushy or sounding salesy.
  • Eventually your prospects will get comfortable enough to ask questions or even buy on their own.

And the best part is that this step can be almost completely automated, by using an autoresponder.

Imagine you have an email list of 500 subscribers and you want to invite them to a webinar where you will finally introduce them to your business opportunity.

By using your Gmail account, you will have to copy-paste the same message 500 times.

By using an autoresponder, you will be able to send the same message to 500 people at the same time, with a SIMPLE CLICK!

Just remember to make sure your messages are providing valuable information to your subscribers.

And now, how do you recruit your subscribers into your network marketing business?

That’s exactly step 4...

Step 4: Sales Presentation

This is where BIG money is made…

This is where all the “relationship building” really pays off.

See, what you have now is not just a list of subscribers, but a list of RAVING subscribers – subscribers who have gotten to know, like and trust you, and that are now ready to buy ANYHTING you recommend them.

This is the perfect time to offer your business opportunity.

And there are many ways you can use to effectively do this:

  • You can invite your subscribers to a one-on-one call or a three-way call with your upline.
  • You can send them the link of an upcoming webinar of your company.
  • You can invite them to a live webinar you are going to host.
  • You can prepare an automated sales presentation you can give them access to.

What’s important to understand is that you are now talking only to the MOST QUALIFIED people possible – people that already bought into you and can’t wait to buy from you.

Can you see the big difference with the traditional way of doing network marketing?

Who is most likely to join your team: a stranger you just prospected at the mall or a person you are sending emails to since one month and that now knows, likes and trusts you?

I personally chose to pursue the latter strategy, especially because there is NO PROSPECTING involved.

And at the end of your business presentation you will then give your subscribers a ‘call to action’, that is step 5.

Step 5: Call To Action

Most of the times your subscribers will be ready to join your team straight away.

Other times they will simply become your customers and afterwards they might join your team.​

Or you can keep following up with them through email marketing until the timing to take action is good FOR THEM.​

In any case, BIG SUCCESS! Especially because you can get paid even though your subscribers eventually won’t join your opportunity!!! (as I explain in the following step).

And now you may be wondering: what is step 1?

If you want to make sure people land on your capture page and ultimately join your business, you need to bring the “eyeballs to the table”.​

You need to find the most targeted people that are already interested in what you have to offer them.​

You need to generate ‘traffic’.​

Step 1: Traffic

This is the most important step of the whole strategy because if you fail it, all the strategy fails with it.

There are several ways you can adopt to generate traffic.​

The first way is what I call “traffic for amateurs” and it’s what I never recommend, because it produces little-to-no results and is very time-consuming.​

Traffic for amateurs includes:​

  • Posting on social media all day...(I did it and it DOES NOT work!)
  • Spamming forums or blogs...(I did it and it DOES NOT work!)
  • Writing articles and blog posts waiting for someone to find your website...(I did it and it DOES NOT work!)

If you want to earn like 6&7 figure earners, you must adopt their strategies...

And what do professionals do?

Professional business owners buy their traffic = They use ADVERTISING!

If you just thought: “Does it mean I have to spend money?”, I’m going to show you how you can actually get paid to generate traffic, by using an effective advertising strategy ONLY FEW people know.

This is exactly what allowed me to generate over 600 subscribers for my opportunity in a single month, and earn $4000+ in the same month whether they ultimately joined my business or not​.

Let’s imagine you have created a great capture page, a persuasive business presentation and you have set up an autoresponder to automatically follow up with your subscribers​.

As of now, the most effective way to generate traffic to your capture page is via Facebook Ads.​

Facebook has over 1.5 billion monthly active users, and offers the best Ad service on the marketplace.

​You can target to age, sex, occupation, country, and on top of that, behaviors and interests.

For example, you can target one ad to 20-to-60 years old people, who live in New York and follow a specific network marketing trainer, such as Eric Worre.​

Or send another ad to young people all over Australia who are into health & wellness (if, for example, you are part of a nutritional company​).

With as little as 5$/day, you can create an ad that will allow your post to be on top of the news feed of your targeted audience.

​And when people click on your post, they will be directed to your capture page so they can become your subscribers and eventually join your opportunity...simple, right?

But how can you get paid whether they will ultimately join your business or not?

By using a so called “self-liquidating-offer” (SLO) or “front-end-offer”, that is something you sell upfront as soon as someone submits their information on your capture page (I learned this on the FREE 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp available here).

Step BONUS: Front-End Offer

The goal of this front-end offer is to produce an income that covers most, if not all, of your advertising cost while giving your customers an opportunity to get to know you and understand how you do business.

What this means is that people are essentially paying you to become a subscriber for your network marketing opportunity!

So, if you spend 5$/day on Facebook ads and one single person buys your front-end offer priced at 20$, you are already making 15$/day.

And if this person eventually joins your business, that’s a DOUBLE INCOME!​

The best type of products for a front-end offer are information products.

In fact, they have high profit margins, typically ranging from 90% to 100%.​

​An E-book would be a perfect information product for a front-end offer.

You can either create one yourself or, if you don’t want to take the time to create it, you can always promote other people’s information products as an AFFILIATE.

An affiliate is someone who refers customers to an existing online business, which is tracked to them, and when that referral buys a product, a commission is earned for that sale.​

By using the strategy I just explained, with an advertising cost on Facebook of less than 600$ in one month, I was able to generate over 600 subscribers for my opportunity, and earn $4000+ with the affiliate front-end offer that I talked about in my​ FREE Training Webinar "How To Recruit Without Prospecting".

To Wrap Up...

So now, let’s recap all the 5 steps of the “How To Recruit Without Prospecting” strategy:

  • Step 1 ==> Traffic: the professional traffic strategy (advertising) will help you find the most qualified people for your products and opportunity, WITHOUT prospecting or talking to a single person ever again.
  • Step 2 ==> Capture Page: this simple webpage will allow you to collect the contact information of your red-hot ready to buy leads, EVEN when you sleep or you travel.
  • Step 3 ==> Email Marketing: by providing value to your subscribers, they will get to know, like and trust you, so you can lead them towards the solution you offer, WITHOUT being pushy or sounding salesy.
  • Step 4 ==> Sales Presentation: you will give your business presentation when your raving subscribers already bought into you and can’t wait to buy from you, so it will be EFFORTLESS to recruit them.
  • Step 5 ==> Call To Action: at the end of the presentation, you will show people how they can join your team or become your customers, and in just few hours your downline, your passive income, and your freedom will TRMENDOUSLY grow.
  • Step BONUS ==> Front-End Offer: this will allow you to get paid and make a substantial profit, EVEN before introducing your subscribers to your business opportunity.

If you wanna go deeper into each and every step and learn more on how to get paid even though people ultimately don’t join your business, you can get registered for one of the next classes of my FREE Training Webinar “How To Recruit Without Prospecting”.

​To Your Freedom,

Vincenzo #ForeverFreeGeneration​


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