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2 Books You Should Read If You Wanna Recruit More

Let me begin by asking you two questions: 

  1. ​Would you like to recruit more while prospecting LESS? 
  2. Would you like to get paid whether your prospects join your business or NOT? 

Well, if you answered “Yes” to both questions…then I urge you to set everything else aside and focus on every word on this page as if your business depends on it. Why? Because the success of your network marketing business does!

​If you answered “No”...then you can go back to what you were doing, knowing that you missed out on something that has the potential to literally skyrocket your business.

​I can tell you that I read dozens of great books about Network Marketing and probably you also did: Go Pro, Your First Year in Network Marketing, The Greatest Networker in the World, The Business of the 21st Century, The Four Year Career, Making the First Circle Book, and so on...

​But, in my opinion, they all have one “PROBLEM” in common: basically they all focus on the ‘old-school’ way of doing the business.

​You probably know what I’m talking about: making a list of all the people you know, inviting them to see “The Plan”, doing home meetings, trying to recruit everyone you meet, attending all your company’s events,...

​Let me be clear on this: I’m not saying this strategy doesn’t work; it actually works and all the 6 & 7-Figure earners that built their organizations in the 80’s and early 90’s prove it.

However, what if I told you that there’s absolutely NO NEED to “pound the pavement” on a daily basis, when you can let an automated system do ALL the heavy lifting for you?

​How would you like that? Well, this system is not a secret and it’s explained in detail in the two books I strongly encourage you to read if you are ready to get prospects without having to pick up the phone, cold call or deal with any rejection ever again. Here’s a picture of my own two copies:

Book #1: Magnetic Sponsoring, by Mike Dillard

When I came across this book, I was in desperate need of a new way to do my business. I had run out of my warm market, I was prospecting strangers at the gym and during parties with no success, I was spamming Facebook groups with my opportunity, and I was actually considering to quit.

​Then, one day on the Internet, I read the back-cover copy of Magnetic Sponsoring:

MAGNETIC SPONSORING is for those of you who would rather be the hunted than the hunter. Who prefer to work smarter, instead of harder. Who want to build a life-long business, instead of an opportunity, and for those who value truth over hype.
If you’re tired of chasing your friends and family members, posting fliers on phone poles, cold calling leads, and hanging out business cards, then MAGNETIC SPONSORING is exactly what you’ve been looking for”.

And it was exactly what I'd been looking for!

​I immediately ordered the book and read it all in less than one hour once it had arrived. I was blown away.

​For the first time I found someone who wasn’t mentioning ‘warm and cold market’, ‘home and hotel meetings’ or ‘how to invite strangers to look at your opportunity’.

​He was just talking about an AUTOMATED system that would be doing all the heavy-lifting for me, once correctly set up.

​Every chapter is a gold mine of information and I’d probably need another two o three blog posts to properly describe them. However, I wanna share with you my biggest takeaway.

​We are now over a DECADE into the 21st century but our uplines still want us to build the business as if we were in the 80’s or 90’s. It is like deciding to go from New York to San Francisco by car, when you can easily take a plane. At the end, the results are probably gonna be the same but you’ll need much more time and experience much more difficulties along the way choosing the ‘old-school’ strategy.

With what we have at our disposal today (aka Laptop and Internet), it’s INSANE to continue and rely on archaic tactics, and not leverage the technology we have at our finger tips.

Mike Dillard has been the pioneer of this smarter approach to Network Marketing, called Attraction Marketing, that is the way I decided to pursue to build my business (in this other post I explain ‘Why I Use Attraction Marketing Instead Of Chasing Prospects’).

This approach allowed Mike to make over $3.2 million in just seven days. How would you like even a poor 1% of that?

If you wanna read Magnetic Sponsoring, you can easily find it on Amazon.com. I really encourage you to buy it. I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

And you also won’t be disappointed reading my second favorite book -which is closely related to Mike’s Book- that is:

Book #2: Attraction Marketing Formula, by Ferny Ceballos

As you might have read in the ‘About me’ section, I’m Italian and, like all Italians, I love good food. And reading Magnetic Sponsoring without complementing it with Attraction Marketing Formula would be like eating a delicious pasta or pizza and then say “No” when the waiter asks you to try the fresh home-made tiramisu. Of course, you can still tell your friends you had a great meal, but you’d be missing the cherry on the cake.

Ferny Ceballos was a student of Mike Dillard’s breakthrough approach and is now the guru of the ‘Attraction Marketing’ strategy, where you position yourself as an Online MLM trainer who can help other network marketers learn how to generate leads and recruit using the internet (i.e. what you exactly will learn in the book).​

Thus, instead of chasing dead beat prospects or bugging your family and friends, you’d attract into your business people who:

  • Are already positive about MLM.
  • Have already demonstrated a willingness to invest in an opportunity.
  • Are already being trained in personal development & recruiting tactics.

How does that sound?

Furthermore, what if I told you that, by following Ferny’s strategy, you’d be earning even though the prospects didn’t join your business?

In fact, after reading Attraction Marketing Formula, I generated over 600 prospects in a single month online and earned over 4000$, though they didn’t join my opportunity.

And this formula not only worked for me, but also for countless people all over the world. However it won’t work at all, if you don’t work it.

If you are serious about having the success you want and deserve, then you can’t miss Ferny’s book. Click here to download it now on your laptop, with a special 72% discount.

These two breakthrough books made an incredible impact on my life and I’m sure they also will for yours.

And as the saying goes, “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers”. So, continue developing the leader within you and the results will be astonishing.​

If you want, you can also register for the next class of my FREE Training Webinar: How To Recruit Without Prospecting.​

​To Your Freedom,

Vincenzo #ForeverFreeGeneration​


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